FLORIDA--  Well, it is that time of year again, New Years! Most people love to ring in the New Year by celebrating with friends and family. For some, it is a time of reflection of the past year, and a time where people make their New Year’s resolutions. However, it can also be a time of sadness and loneliness for others. On this evening, drinking and driving is more prevalent, drugs are being consumed in greater amounts, and the suicide rate increases. What are our reasons for these drastic measures? Is it to numb the pain of the past? Is it to prevent us from seeing the things we need to change? Or is it because we are afraid to face the future?


            We all need to remember that alcohol and drugs have long lasting effects on our bodies that some may not even realize. Every system and organ in our bodies has their own function. When we ingest foreign substances, we disrupt the very nature of our cells and blood flow, affecting our DNA makeup that may lead to lifelong illnesses or death. So before you do something you may regret, try to remember you are not alone! Every one of us has someone that cares about our well-being. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or maybe even a beloved pet, there is someone waiting for you to come home. No matter how hopeless life may seem, drinking and driving, taking drugs or committing suicide is NEVER the answer! Find someone you can talk to that can help bring comfort   during the times when you feel hopeless and alone. Oftentimes, that person can take you from a bad moment to a better place where hope can come shining through. Being thankful each day for the people you have in your life will cultivate an attitude of gratefulness changing your perspective to a positive outlook.  Also, try to remember that we can never appreciate the good things that come into our lives without experiencing some hard times.


I know you’ve heard it time and again:

But life is not a coffee blend.

Don’t drink and drive or do drugs!

Suicide can’t be swept under the rug.

Lives are lost, and families are shattered.

Crying hearts, and bodies battered.

Enough is enough; it’s time to wake up!

I am tired of filling this same old cup.




             As we sit and look upon this new year ahead of us, I encourage every one of you to think about your hopes, dreams and goals that you want to accomplish in life. We all have gifts and talents to offer this world and each of us has the ability to change peoples’ lives for the better. For example, we can feed a homeless person, do volunteer work, attend college or go after that dream job! Even better, we can forgive a family member or an old friend that has caused us pain in the past. Life can be a great experience, a work of art, or a grand masterpiece but you have to remain hopeful when the bad times come. So before you drink and drive, do drugs or contemplate suicide, reach out and grab onto that hand that longs to help you! You can contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-8255 if you are experiencing a crisis.


            This New Year’s Eve if you have too much to drink make sure you call a Taxi, UBER, LYFT, or a friend/family member to drive you home. If possible, stay where you are until you are sober. We at www.NJnewjersey.com www.FLnewsflorida.com www.NYnewsyork.com want to wish you a HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!! Ring in 2018 with laughter and joy and remember to DRIVE SAFE, STAY SAFE, AND BE SAFE!    


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Written By Barbara Sue Friedman-Writer/News Reporter/Sales/Public Relations

Edited by Kate Haffner



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